Corporate Transformation

We work with your management to formulate and implement timely solution by utilizing innoation & global best practice to deliver business excellence in an increasingly disrupted world

● Board advisory services

Consulting services

● Investment & restructuring services

Implementation and on-going management services

● Forensic accounting and fraud investigations

Islamic Banking and Finance

Developing products and services that observe and respect Sharia-compliant ethical principles to provide Islamic banking solutions to clients with increasingly sophisticated financing needs

Debt and equity capital markets

● Cash management

Murabaha liquidity products

● Risk management and asset management funds

Financial Restructuring

Develop and implement financial asset revamp strategy through our hands-on-expertise and experience to adopt accounting system, optimize financial leverage, enhance liquidity management and pricing protocol


● Debt-for-equity swaps

Capital raising through our strategic partners

● Managed exits or return of capital

Forensic accounting and fraud investigations

Operational Turnaround

Formulate and execute an comprehensive and pragmatic turnaround strategy aimed at addressing deteriorating performance trends, loss of key management or clients, and refinancing risk

● Improving and refining business models

Developing flexible routes to margin improvement

● Optimizing efficiency and cash flow

Ensuring timely execution of the restructuring plan

● Management of stakeholder relationship, including directors and shareholders